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Why a Carrillo rod?

Let’s start with the basics: - What makes a good rod?

Well, here is the scoop: Quality!

In 1963 inspired to manufacture a premier rod, Fred Carrillo set out to find the finest ingredients help realize his vision.  Unable to find acceptable steel, Fred developed Carrilloloy.  This is our proprietary blend of USA ingredients, comparable to a 4340. 

A Carrillo forging starts of as a billet and is then forged into a forging, enabling us to dictate the grain flow. 

To ensure quality and consistency, we buy material in large lots.  Prior to Carrilloloy arriving at Carrillo in San Clemente, it is processed into unique designed forgings, using the latest technology.  It is heat treated and subjected to rigorous material tests ensuring our forgings are of the highest quality.

Once a forging enters our production process it is subjected a unique customized manufacturing process, which involves the use of special made machines and tools operated by highly skilled employees.

Prior to machining of the forgings, our highly skilled engineers work with the sales technicians and customers to design a rod that is an optimal fit; not only do we ask what engine or application, we want to know the expected HP, PRM, Stroke, Piston Weight and many more.  Knowing all this, allows us to provide the best suited rod. 

Close to half a century we have been collecting data and our connecting rod database is immense!  From application information, designs, material properties or failure analysis, we do it all and we continue add to it.  -Our Quality and Assurance lab is equipped with the latest technology, including a high quality CMM, constructed of the finest steel alloy, solid granite and cutting-edge precision scale technology; a 2D measuring system; air gauges; height gauges; and a perthometer to measure surfaces.

Through out our manufacturing process Carrillo rods are inspected and measured to uphold high quality standards.  For example: Magnaflux of rods is not done once or twice, but at least three times (!) to ensure integrity of material.

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